Free Smite Codes Guide – Get Them Now!

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Decades back children preferred playing outdoor sports and adults used to socialize and had hobbies. And then gaming revolution was introduced and every game became electronic. With the increasing trend of electronic gadgets and devices, people no more have hobbies or social life, children do not go to play grounds and have team matches.

They prefer staying inside and play the same sport on their PlayStations and Xboxes; video gaming has taken the world by storm. Trend of outdoor is game has gone completely out of fashion and so out of lives. Every child and adult has his own play station or gadget and is so fond of video games.

Video Gaming New Trend:

These video games involve collaboration with user interface and create a visual feedback on electronic gadgets or other devices like television, PC monitor. It produces 2d or 3D images. These video games can be played on various platforms, and uses software as per the device. These video devices can be played by one person or can be played by different players playing at once.

Different players’ video games are played competitively usually. These games are available in many different types like puzzle, combat, stealth shooter, adventure etc. These video games sometimes have behavioral effect on players. Players have better hand and eye coordination and have high resistance to distraction. These can be either online or offline.


Smite is one of the most famous and addictive multiplayer game. Theme of the game is set around battle arena video game. Games was originally developed for various platforms like Microsoft world, Xbox, macOS and play station and was published by Hi-Rez Studios in 2014. It is kind of online battle ground of gods.

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Smite players control a god or goddess or other fictional character and participate in the team based battle. Game features around 88 gods and goddesses to choose from. Smite features various different game modes. Game is segregated into various categories on the basis of players’ ability and level of expertise. Practice level, cooperative version, and normal level, ranked and finally expert level is custom. Game records your progress.

Game characters:

Smite is free to play game, but like many other games not all the characters i.e. god, goddesses etc. are available free to play. Limited set of characters are available all the time and other needs to be unlocked. There are many different ways to unlock the characters and one of the most known approaches is to purchase the pack. Smite gives a chance to its free players to unlock the characters by its weekly challenge. Following are some ways to get free smite code.

How to get free smite codes:

Play hunter Artemis can be unlocked just by following the official twitter account of the game. After following the twitter one needs to verify it through publisher’s website and character will be unlocked.
If you just like Facebook page of the Smite and verify it through Hi-rex website, solar eclipse Ra skin will be available to the player.

By subscribing to Hi-rex you-tube channel and verifying it from website, one can easily unlock Nu- Wa and her water dancer skin.

Apollo is the hunter class god capable of bringing at lot damage to the screen. SO is worth buying. But there is free smite code to unlock the god Apollo. Download and install the Curse voice Program and start it. Keep the curse voice running in the background and play at the minimum five matches. An email will be received to the player on the address used to sign up. Email will have a code to unlock the god Apollo. After the code is generated, it should be redeemed as soon as possible.

When it comes to speed, all eyes start looking for mage god Agni. After downloading curse voice program, keep the curse voice running in the background and play ten matches. Once ten matches are played an email will be received on sign up address, with the code. Redeem the code and Agni will be unlocked.

The great assassin Thor can create a lot of damage tossing down on his enemy. To unlock this skin one needs to download other game of Hi-Rez entertainment Ascend. This is a real fun to play shooter game. Once you reach level 50 of this game blood eagle Thor skin will be unlocked to play with.

Linking your Xbox account to Hi-Rez account will unlock a powerful god Zeus. He has strong lightning storm ability, his lightning bolts are hard to handle.
When you need to get a team quickly across the map, power of creating portals is a unique ability linked to god Janus. Unlocking these immeasurable abilities require just a small step.

Go to smite eSports page and sign in using facebook account and god Janus will be unlocked.

The warrior god Odin is skilled of doing some high level damage on the battle field. He makes sure that once target is captured he remains inside and prevents them from healing, so that your allies can move freely and create enough damage. To unlock the warrior god Odin access to PS4 is needed. Linking your PSN account with Hi-Rez entertainment account will unlock this character.

Download the game global agenda and install it. Play the game to reach level 30. Once you reach 30th level you can redeem the code for Vulcan god and Sentry Vulcan skin.

Nemesis is the powerful goddess. In order to unlock goddess Nemesis firstly you have to download the game Jetpack Fighters on a compatible IOS or Android device. Play the game until you unlock the fighter Leona. Along with that a code nemesis will be unlocked. Code will appear on Smite screen. Redeem the code and you will unlock the goddess Nemesis.

Curse Avatar will be unlock by playing 20 matches with curse voice. Download the curse voice program and run the curse voice in background.

When you play smite for the first time and reach level 2, you will get a reward of three gods Loki, sol and odin. You can claim the reward and these three gods will be unlocked.