Smite Free Gems – How To Get Them?

chest full of smite gems

Smite is one of the most widely played video games of current times. It’s a third person, multi-player, battle arena, online video game published and developed by the famous Hi Rex Studious. To play this game, you will need to play the role of a mythological figure, mostly that of a mythological God.

The mythological avatar of yours will then need to participate in arena combat. To win the game, you will need to use a perfect combination of teamwork and available powers for defeating gods controlled by other players. For winning, you will also have to defeat a number of minions that are not controlled by players.

A Smite gem is one of the in-game currencies the game has; it’s used for completing different transactions within the game. These gems either need to be purchased from the official game store of Smite or can also be obtained free from different outside sources.

For those who are new to the world of Smite, players need to use Smite free Gems codes for instantly unlocking different cosmetic skins and new playable Gods. The more Gems you will have in your armory, the better-equipped you will be for fighting other Gods (players playing against you).

The fundamental way of getting new Smite free gems is buying them. However, veterans of the game are not very much fond of that procedure and have found ways for getting those gems for free. In this post, we would be discussing about some of the most effective ways of getting free Smite gems. Some of these methods, when used efficiently, might even get you more than a thousand gems absolutely free of cost.

Smite Surveys

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Click on the SponsorPay tab and check each survey offering a payout between 60 and 67 gems. Those are actually the best surveys for you. Each one would take less than seven minutes and the payout is also pretty quick. What’s even more important is that they have an extremely impressive success rate of 80 percent.

Once you complete a survey, capture a screenshot. The screenshot must include both your name and the offer in detail. One of the main reasons why we are primarily recommending the sixty-gem surveys is that the closing page of those surveys would feature both your provided name and address.

If you don’t earn gems from the SponsorPay surveys, go to the bottom of the tab to click “Support”. This will take you to the official website of SponsorPay. There, you will be allowed to file reports for not receiving Smite gems. You can expect a pay out from almost every sixty gem survey once you file your claim.

Do check every single link offering one to two gems on SponsorPay, Radium and Peanut Labs. You shouldn’t need more than 30 seconds for each offer. So, if you spend around half an hour checking the offers and grabbing them, you might get hold of around 100 gems.

With almost zero efforts, the procedure will allow you to grab hundreds of gems in a day. Making this a habit will allow you to keep playing the game without using a credit card.

There is no such thing as free Smite Gems no survey.

Smite Gem Generators

The best thing about Smite is that it has an official website that will satisfy all your needs perfectly. The second method we will be discussing about involves use of gems generator.

The gems generators are extraordinary tools thanks to the talented team of immensely passionate developers and programmers working on it. A group of good Smite players has also offered there inputs to make these tools even more efficient.

Gaming enthusiasts around the globe has been in awe of the excitement Spite has always provided them with. However, most of them are not very fond of the fact that they need to spend hefty amounts whenever they buy gems. This prompted them to look for ways of grabbing some gems free of cost.

They came across gems generators, some of which are truly effective. A good gems generator can produce thousands of gems every time it is used. For generating the gems, you will need to enter your username and mention the platform you are playing the game on.

Smite Coupons

The Internet is filled with Smite coupons and gem codes that will allow you to grab significant number of gems without paying a single penny. Here are some of the top rates free Smite codes and coupons Smite players have used to date.

Free 3500 Gems: To win this coupon, players needed to complete a quick and easy survey. Once they succeeded in completing the survey, they got a handful of gems as their bonus rewards.

swcfinals2016- Just pasting this code provided Smite players with an odyssey chest roll every day, of course absolutely free of cost.

SMITELOVE – This code is not exactly meant for providing you with Smite free gems. SMITELOVE (as well as SMITESKINS) is a coupon code, which when used at checkout, offered the user a discount of 15 percent on the order of gems he or she placed at the MarkeeDragon Store.

This means, a certain share of the gems purchased by the user was made free by the code.

watchswcday3- To use this code, you will first need to log into your account. Pasting the code will allow you to enjoy a discount of 5 percent on every order worth $50 or more than that. The offer is valid only for people playing the game on XBox One, PS4, and PC.

More and more codes and hacks for getting free Gems are flooding the Internet with every passing day. We would like you to know that a large share of them would never show any impressive results. So, make sure you are relying only on popular, authoritative websites for getting Smite free gems.

Consulting fellow Smite players (of course, they shouldn’t be your rivals) might help you to gather information about some resourceful websites.

They might also educate you about strategies you can adopt for getting hold of Smite free Gems. With time i.e. after gaining significant experience of Playing Smite, you will also come up with your own ways of grabbing Gems free of cost.